This is my cat, Hans.  Well, to be honest, his full name is Hans the Supercat (hence the cape).  Before I got him, I swore I would never be one of *those* cat people… You know, the crazy ones.  This photo, taken a month after we got him, proves otherwise.  I am smitten about this kitten.

Except when I’m not.  Because frankly while HTSC is a really super cat most of the time, he can also be a super butt-head the rest of the time.  For  example, when he is not being cute and cuddly his habits include: digging out my plants (not to go to the bathroom, just to dig), knocking stuff off my dresser, running so fast from room to room that he crashes into our sliding door and general furniture demolishing with his claws.  My husband goes so far as to tell the cat not to “tear $4!+ up” when he leaves for work in the morning… YEAH RIGHT! : )

I know that the things my cat does or doesn’t do are not unique to him. He’s a cat – tearing $4!+ up is his job (between naps, of course).  My husband doesn’t like to admit it, but I think he likes the cat as much as I do.  He’s not making him clothing but I can tell he’s smitten in the way he and the cat romp around like they’re both wild animals.  That might make other people crazy, but they’re my boys.

PS- We’re in the process of moving over the next couple of weeks, so I’m trying really hard to NOT drag crafting supplies out of boxes.  So yes, there is a lack of crafty postings happening.  I should get my sister’s quilt back from the quilter this week though.  When I do, I’ll post the finished product.

Miss you already!


Let’s just say, for the sake of having a “duh” moment, that it is safe to say the Midwest is a rather large place.  I know… Mind numbing, right?  If you do a Google image search of the “Midwest”, what you will find is a plethora of ways to divvy it up.  Some versions include everything north of Arkansas and east of a state that has the Rocky Mountain range in it.  In other versions, it seems like only states that are touching a great lake got invited to the party (“Hey, who brought along Kentucky?”).  But I feel that the most common representation of the place I live is shown below (

Growing up in the Midwest as a kid, I can tell you that there’s nothing that excited me LESS than a family car trip around the area.  You know as soon as you get here that a few things are going to be true: 1) If it is summer, then it will be hot.  Not because of the heat, mind you, but because of the HUMIDITY.  2) Nothing divides the Midwest like baseball season.  3) It smells like animals and farms. 4) Rows of corn/beans/wheat are not visually appealing.

Right, so as a youngster, I longed for the thrill of the east coast. Bright lights, lots of people, plenty of crafty shops to get into.  I remember telling my mother that I was going to Boston for school. No more cows, plows and humidity for me… ohhhh no.  But then a funny thing happened.  I applied at a state school (at the insistence of my mother) and got in.  (Good thing too because it was the only place I applied.) And while I would drive home – every weekend first semester, thank goodness I hadn’t chosen Boston – I would notice that the Midwest was awesome.  We have gorgeous green fields in the spring, beautiful trees that shed their leaves in the fall and yes, our summers are hot and our winters are cold, but we have some of the nicest people here too… so it all kind of evens out.

I did notice that last week, I had a couple people stop by.  If you could just leave a message so I know you were here, that would be so wonderful.  I’m excited to “meet” new people with my blogging adventure, but I can’t if you don’t let me know you were here.  You know how that goes.

Miss you already!


Starting off slowly.  I think that my lack of blogging on my new blog can be linked to my new-found freedom from school.  Lord knows that it is not the lovely weather outside.  We have had nothing but rain and cloudy skies for the past two days (which, subsequently, makes me want to nap or look at blogs instead of posting on my own blog).

Rain, Rain... Go away. No, seriously.


I suppose one good thing about summer is that I have deposited my sister’s graduation quilt to be quilted. I was going to try and quilt it myself, but let’s just say the results wouldn’t have been pretty. Well, they would’ve been pretty horrible…🙂 The quilter said it should be done by next week, which at the rate I’m going, will be just in time for another post (ha!).

I got a blog.  FINALLY.  I’m pretty sure I’m the last person on earth to get a blog because mostly I look at my students and think, “I’m not freaking angsty enough for a blog.”  But then, I was looking around the blogosphere and noticed that all of the coolest people have blogs.  Not to mention the numerous crafty tutorials and other ideas I’ve stolen based (ahem!) projects off of in the real world.  So I thought again and the result is this.

So what can you expect from me?  Nine months out of the year, I’m a junior high school science teacher (grades 7-9, holla!), so probably not much then. Except, perhaps… REALLY FUNNY anecdotes about teaching.  I will change names to protect the innocent, but they will be true (and not necessarily G-rated, you know how kids can be).  The other three months, I will be crafting my hiney off, so maybe some stuff there, maybe not.

Otherwise, this is basically a way for me to keep my own personal history and keep track of things I like on the internet.  I’ve noticed I’m not willing to dig through all of my bookmarks to find that one page I’ve been looking for… for which I’ve been looking? I don’t know.  This is also a way for me to make myself laugh and figure out days/weeks/months that are so WTF-ridiculous.  If you like it, stay.  There’s PLENTY of crazy for everyone.  If not, you won’t hurt my feelings.



Ok, maybe you will just a little bit.


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